Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We attempted to take Laney with us to our OB appt today. WELLL that did not work out so well, she has a obsession right now with sitting on the floor, crawling on the floor and going under the couch. Ughhh that just grosses me out! Then I take her outside for a timeout becuase of her shananaghans and well needless to say Brian had to take her home. Good new is that I heard the hearbeat, its beating a about 164 per min. Thats around what Laney's ran too. I hope the terrible 2's are over before this one is born!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Delaney is going to be a big sister come May 8th. I don't really think she understands just yet but if you ask her what she wants she will respond with "I wanna baby sister" everytime. Ever since I have found out about this pregnancy, Laney will not sleep in her own bed. Ever since she was three months she has slept in her own bed and now all of a sudden she wants to sleep with mommy and daddy. We are super excited to welcome our new baby in May!