Friday, August 6, 2010

Once Again.....

Once again its been way too long since I blogged. Reegan is now 15 months and Laney is 4. What an eventful year, I lost my job back in October, it was definitely bitter sweet. I loved working and had been at my job for almost 10 years, But I also love being home with my girls and am grateful for the opportunity to be home with them. I have one more class then I can apply for the RN program so I am really excited to finish this class.

Reegan is growing so fast, she started walking on her 1st birthday. She has had a rough first year. she was colicky as a baby then has been hospitalized twice before her first birthday, our dog knocked her down and she hit her head on the tile and took an ambulance ride to mercy. Reegan is an absolute joy. her love for me fills my heart everyday.

Delaney is such a big girl with an even bigger personality. Laney amazes me everyday with her words and the things that come out of her mouth. I was told the other day that he couldn't believe how much Laney looked like me, she is my little mini me. The other day I asked Laney to be careful sliding on the tile with socks on because she was going to break her butt, her response was "mom my butts already broken! see the crack' as she points to her crack. I was speechless and then started laughing so hard.

Brian is working for the forest service and is stationed about 2 hours away, its been rough having him so far away but we are doing well, we just feel fortunate that Brian has a job.

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